Sometimes you don't need an entire service project. Sometimes all you need is an IT guy. Luckily, we've got some of them sitting around in our offices anyways.

Besides offering Service Consulting, we from TRi SPC provide our clients with pure IT Consulting.

Among others, this includes the following things:

IT Strategy Consulting

We help you to align your company's IT strategy with your business goals. We analyze the resources available, extend them if needed, and match them with recent technological trends. It's our goal to improve the digital experience not only for your customers while never forgetting your employees.

Digital Transformation

A lot of business process aren't fully digitalized. This means that you miss out on quite a lot of opportunities. We support your company in finding and transform-ing analogue processes matching them with market or custom-made IT solutions. Regardless of your technological maturity, we can help you with your digital transformation.

System Integration

Unfortunately, using different and not integrated IT systems is typical for business environments. Integrated IT solutions are key for your corporation's effectiveness. TRi SPC provides your company with support in aligning existing IT systems. This improves time to market, reduces costs and results in increased IT stability. 

Software Development

You know best what your company needs! Explain us what you have in mind for your IT systems and we take care of the rest. 

This includes drafting software require-ments and specifications, giving advise on the development approach as well as the actual development of the software needed.

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